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OptimumCare Hospital Management Information System

OptimumCare (Hospital Management Information System)

OptimumCare V1.0

OptimumCare is a wide range of integrated applications.

OptimumCare is designed to serve the Enterprise and Medium hospitals where Clinical information is needed for the administration.

OptimumCare had designed and developed to serve governmental hospitals, private sector hospitals, military hospitals and healthcare Institutes.

Hospitals are large and complex organizations. They encompass all the functions normally found

in any substantial business. Additionally however, hospitals include many unique specialist areas.

OptimumCare Hospital Management Information System
Hospital management System

OptimumCare V1.0

Front Office Modules

  • Admission & Reception
  • In-Patient Management-ICU-NICU
  • Clinics/Out-Patient Management
  • Radiology Information System
  • PACS System
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Analyzers Integration
  • Blood Bank
  • Dialysis System
  • Emergency System
  • Operating Rooms
  • Nurse Station
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Doctors Dashboard
  • Orders Entry
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Management Decision Support System
  • Custom Relationship Management

Back Office Modules

  • Inventory Control System
  • Purchasing System
  • Account Payable System
  • General Ledger & Budgeting System
  • Fixed Assets System
  • Payroll System & Time Attendance
  • Human Resources HR
  • Maintenance System
  • System Security & Setup

Financial Modules

  • Patient Contracts
  • Patient Accounts
  • Doctor Accounts
  • Cash Management
  • Notes Payable & Receivable

Benefits of Using OptimumCare

OptimumCare -Hospital Management Information System

Patient Safety:

  • By reducing order transcription errors
  • By improving legibility of orders
  • By Improving availability of patient information by eliminating paper charts and replacing them with electronic patient record.

Patient Satisfaction:

  • Increased patient satisfaction, as patients are not asked the same questions repeatedly, if their records are electronic.
  • Enabled scheduling system enables reducing wait times.

Physicians & Nurses:

  • Physicians and nurses are increasingly attracted to the smooth and effective operational environment that effective automation can offer.
  • Improved physician recruitment and retention.
  • Shifting nurses from manual to electronic, making nursing services faster and more accurate.

Hospital General Benefits


  • OptimumCare create the patient EMR including all his diagnosis, medical examination details as regards vital signs, medicine sensitivity, attending doctor’s orders and reserve for next consultations and follow up.
  • Ability to add audio and video files to the patient medical record.
  • Follow up the health status of the patient report, how often he was seen by a doctor his notes and orders for each visit and add these notes to the patient medical record.
  • Enables Doctors to design his own diagnosis sheet.
  • Automatic transfer of all the doctor’s orders to the nursing stations and hospital departments.
  • Follow up the preparation of the patient through Pre-operation Checklist and make necessary examinations.
  • Report on the operation results after receiving.
  • Automatic alerting system e.g. Drug to Drug Interaction, medicine sensitivity…etc
OptimumCare medical benefits
OptimumCare Admenistrative benefits


  • Improve communication between hospital departments using Order Processing System
  • Simplicity and flexibility of the hospital appointments using accurate Appointment System.
  • Eliminating human errors with smooth and accurate procedures depending on Work Flow Management System.
  • OptimumCare help identify quality improvement opportunities, reduce practice variability, track progress and optimize resources to focus on your organization’s most critical goals specially.
  • Support the top management with valuable information which helps decision makers in taking the appropriate decisions.


  • The financial system is fully integrated with patient care modules in order to monitor and control the quality of the entered data regardless of the type of activities
  • Automatic Patient Bill including contracts policies
  • Monitoring all the hospital cashiers & bank transaction and producing a detailed reports on cashiers & bank transactions.
  • Monitoring Account Receivable transactions.
  • Controlling the inventory items.
  • User defined fiscal year to meet the customer needs
  • User defined chart of account organization to support the currently existing chart
  • Automatic journal entries production.
OptimumERP -Supply-chain Management

Other Benefits:

  • User friendly and easy to be used.
  • Fully integrated modules.
  • Graphical User Interface using wide-standard techniques.
  • MS SQL Database & Rapid Application Development Tools.
  • Flexible structure can be amended easy for future changes.
  • Client / Server architecture.
  • Hardware & operating systems independent.
  • Real Multi Language & Language Switching.
  • Supporting Hijri Calendar.
  • English/Arabic, Arabic/English Names dictionary (built in 50k names).
  • Extensive use of Bar Code & Hand Held Devices.
  • Image & Reporting Interface capabilities.
  • Laboratory Analyzer Interfacing.
  • Easy way of Data Migration & Application Interface (Word & Excel).
  • Supported by ICD10 or ICD 9-CM codes
  • HL7 international standard for data communication and interfacing.
OptimumCare benefits