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OBS ERP system

OptimumERP(Supply-chain Management)

OptimumERP has been designed with broad business functionality to help businesses improve overall performance.

It is based on a single, integrated database model covering all key application areas of a complete business management system, including seamless integration to Business Intelligence (BI) and Knowledge Mangement System KMS (Decision Support System).

OptimumERP innovative, scalable ERP Platform underpins all of these solutions, enabling your business to seamlessly transition as you grow.

ERP increase performance - OBS
ERP increase performance - OBS

OptimumERP Modules:

  • Inventory Control System
  • Purchasing System
  • Account Payable System
  • Account Receivable System
  • Fixed Assets System
  • Work Order Management
  • Cash Management
  • Notes Payable & Receivable
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • General Ledger & Budgeting System
  • System Setup & Security

Benefits: Comprehensive Broad, streamlined functionality

ERP increase performance - OBS

Rich Functional Footprint: Integrated Accounting, Account Payable, Account Receivable, Payroll, Time Attendance, Inventory, Purchasing, Assets Control, Production, Cash Management and Bank Reconciliation.

Integrated ecosystem of add-ons: OptimumERP provides easy access to extension modules and industry verticals, for a best-fit implementation.

Scale with Ease: Grow seamlessly from single-instance to multiple organizations, localizations, warehouses.

Usability, security, ease of integration:

OptimumERP’s comprehensive business functionality is implemented on top of the robust OptimumERP Platform, which provides an equally strong set of cross-application functionality. The core functionality provided by the platform ensures a consistent and productive end user experience, while also meeting key IT needs in the areas of security and integration:


Configurable main menu.

Real Multi Language & Language Switching.

Keyboard navigation for faster operation.

Skinable user interface.

Integrated on line help.

Output of reports in multiple formats: .html, .pdf, .doc and .xls.

Configurable filters and flexible record sorting.

Configurable batch processes of tasks that can be scheduled on specific times.

Extensive use of Bar Code & Hand Held Devices.


Access levels defined per user based on roles.

Auditing for each transaction.


Fully integrated modules

Pre-integrated with OBS POS & HR


OptimumERP has many neat characteristics that make it stand out from the crowd and that make it the perfect businesses software. Here’s an introduction of a few of those characteristics.


Notifications can be programmed to alert the user whenever a certain condition – for example when inventory is low, a customer has overdue payments, etc. – is met. These Alerts are then made clearly visible to user as soon as they log in to the application.

Compatibility and Sharing

Export a single file or a collection of files to Excel, Word, or PDF directly from the application. Exported files can also be attached to any file in the application for easy retrival and management.


With 1 click, open an email window to send information or attached files to your customers or suppliers directly from the ERP.

Easily configurable

OptimumERP understands that your business is unique and we have designed our product so that it is easy to extend and configure to be a perfect fit for your requirements.


Users with different profiles can access OptimumERP with roles that are tailored to their work habits and that secure the amount of information they see and change.


Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-accounting schema, multi-organization, etc. OptimumERP is prepared to be deployed in multi-client environments.


Any record in the system can be audited and traced to the user who created it, or the latest user to edit it.

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